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Album cover Design

Draw people to your music with arresting visuals. Album cover design can inform, surprise, subvert expectations and capture more attention.

We can create high quality, unique and eye-catching album cover designs for your projects.

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Album cover design for District ZeroAlbum cover design for Lo WuAlbum cover design for Emotional Minimalism
Album cover design for The Horror HouseLogo design for Trailerblazer music labelAlbum cover design for Gods of War


Whether it's for a music label or a series of albums, establishing a visual brand is key to success.

Give your album series or label a consistent feel and keep people coming back.

We can create bold new brands and refresh your existing catalogs with recognisable and effective logo design and album cover design.

Album Cover Animation

For those album covers you want to really make an impact with.

The perfect marketing tool to promote your album on social media and on your site, album cover animations instantly draw your eye and invite further exploration.

Animated album cover design for Indie Disco 3Animated album cover design for Dark ElectroAnimated album cover design for Found Sound

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